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Assessments, Testing & Requirements


Required in-person assessments. 

DNO 23-24 Important Dates

Students must attend required assessments in-person at ASPIRE campus.  Students will walk to the portable behind ASPIRE.

  1. MAP tests 6th-9th grade in October and May

    1. Reading and Math

    2. Science 8th only

  2. Finals each semester 6th-12th grade (required for grade)

    1. January 22-25

    2. June 10-14

  3. SBAC testing 6th-8th

    1. April 16-18


Why is my unit test review reset?

-Students are required to link notes for every lesson, into Edgenuity. If you don’t do this, teachers typically reset your unit test review. This is done to get you off of an action list our software gives us. 

-When you submit any missing lessons to Edgenuity, retake the unit test review. This will prompt your instructor to review your notes again, and release your unit test if your notes are complete.   

-Please don’t retake the unit test review without submitting all your notes. Rechecking your notes, especially when they are not there, wastes valuable time and your instructors have none to spare. 


Semester End Dates and Requirements

1st Semester- January 19th all courses completed except for final/cumulative exam

2nd Semester- June 14th all courses completed except for final/cumulative exam

Attendance Requirements-Update to 23-24

Attendance will be taken in this manner for 6-12th grade students:

  1. Students need to complete the attendance link found on the DNO webpage by 10:00 am every school day, or

  2. Students must demonstrate progress (completing 1 activity) in Edgenuity in every class on every school day.

If you are going to be absent, your parents must email the school in order for you to be excused. Here is the email address to use. 

Renee Bidart- Registrar -

Finals Requirements

  • Finals will be in person at ASPIRE. Students must pass the final with a minimum of a 60% or they will receive an “F” for the class. 
  • Students must have completed all other course requirements in order to take the final. 
  • Students that score below a 60% will be offered the chance to complete the final a second time for a passing grade.
  • If a student completes the course early, finals may be scheduled earlier than the last week of the semester.  Final must still be supervised. 
  • You may use printed notes or notes linked into Edgenuity. No other use of the internet is allowed on the final exam.