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Edgenuity Information

Logging Into Edgenuity

Chromebook Instructions

  1. Open Chromebook
  2. Login using your student email and password
  3. Click on google icon    
  4. Two tabs will usually open
  5. One of them is “launchpad” 
  6. Use “launch pad” to open Edgenuity
  7. If no launch pad, find the “home” icon, top left of screen and click on it 
  8. Launchpad should open
  9. Click on the Edgenuity icon

Non-Chromebook Instructions

You can easily sign into a NON-CHROMEBOOK computer at home. There are advantages to this. Allows you to work on Edgenuity on a PC (personal computer) that has “office” capability. Watch the video below:

Edgenuity Email Video

Edgenuity Quick Reference Video

Working with PDF Files

Edgenuity provides instructions with pdf files. This is usually with an assignment that requires you to “add files” (allows you to turn them in).

-To edit

  • Open the pdf with a 2x click

  • Find the “Kami” icon and click it. (Blue circle, white “K”” in it)

  • Edit the file with Kami.

  • 2x Click on “add files”in edgenuity- opens your drive.

  • Choose “recent” and find your doc.

  •  2x click on the doc and it will be submitted.

Working with Google Docs

Sometimes you are required to write an essay or short writing assignment. 

Edgenuity won’t let you submit a google file in the “add files” box when you have to submit a file for an assignment. 

  • Open a google doc.

  • Name it

  • Write your paragraph or essay.

  • Click on “file”

  •    “Download as” and choose pdf or docx from the list. 

  • Go to “add files” and 2x click;

  • Opens your drive, choose “recent” and find your doc. 

  • 2x click on the doc and it will be submitted.