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Tips for Success

Tips for Success

  1. Use guided notes

  2. Never stuck waiting for a teacher.

  3. Use them on all quizzes, unit tests & finals.

  4. Most of the test material comes straight from the notes. 

  5. Use the same place to work everyday.

  6. Make a schedule of times you will work. Allow for breaks.

  7. Put your phone away to minimize distractions. 

  8. Set goals for the number of activities you do, not by the amount of time you work. 

  9. Use your course map to help with dates. 

  10. Don’t fight with your teachers about notes. It holds you up!

  11. Use teacher Landing Pages and office hours.

Proper Email Communication

  • Include a polite greeting

  • Use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar; no text language

  • Don’t forget to thank the person you are emailing for their time

  • Use a respectful tone

  • Own your responsibility

  • A little kindness goes a long way

  • We cannot see your dates for assignments. 

    • Tell us: Course name, semester, unit, lesson, activity

    • Yes , we can look you up, but it takes time. 

  • USE edgenuity email, not gmail.

  • Please do not mail any notes in gmail. They are to be inserted into edgenuity.

Plagiarism-What is it?

Presenting copied work as your own, with no credit or acknowledgement given to your source of information.

What happens if I plagiarize?

1st Offense
Zero on the assignment, parent contacted, documented in IC, possible alternate assignment

2nd Offense
Zero on the assignment, video conference with administration, documented in IC

3rd Offense
Student fails course, parent contacted, documented in IC